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Here's my online shop, for pricing:

Here's my professional blog:

My commissions slots are OPEN.

Points [points] are totally acceptable.
Simple calculation is £10 GBP per hour of my time.
Here's a solid deviantART blog post, pinned on various social media accounts of mine
  • Twitter
    NOT safe for work, or those with delicate sensibilities.
    I am incredibly honest on here!
    Lots of cursing / swearing / digitally painting the air blue.
    But oooonly here on twitter. Everywhere else is safe. deviantART Groups 
  • Facebook This one's kept G or PG, which is 'U' or 'PG' for UK folx
    (IDK which, but it's hopefully fine to show your kids.
    I write it as if I were going to show it to my seven year old siblings.)
  • Bookdiva WordPress Again, should be fine for
    people of most, or all, ages
    and tolerances for things.
  • Google+ Google+ I do my best to keep links at or below ('more accessible than') PG / PG-13.
    That is: 'PG' and '12' / '12A' for UK types.
  • Added to my devWatch! YouTube channel Bread and butter, so for 'advertiser-friendly'
    -- which I don't necessarily agree with or support fully --
    I will keep it to the same as Google+,
    but will probably be around Facebook-level, for the vast majority of videos!

Commissions / Active Projects:

3 are In Progress:squee:
9 are Available New
(I'll update this post every few days.)
  1. My Purple Bullet - F2U! Cross-over comic for a friend (need to ask if they're cool with me posting elsewhere)
  2. My Purple Bullet - F2U! Potential adoptables idea. Aliens-based, yo. More info on
  3. My Purple Bullet - F2U! Doodles and research / practice following on from YouTube artists' tutorials. Check out my WordPress for details.
  4. Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! [OPEN] New 
  5. Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! [OPEN] New 
  6. Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! [OPEN] New 
  7. Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! [OPEN] New 
  8. Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! [OPEN] New 
  9. Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! [OPEN] New 
  10. Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! [OPEN] New 
  11. Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! [OPEN] New 
  12. Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! [OPEN] New 


30 min to 2 hours (depending on number of characters): £5 to £24, or 498Points  to 2391Points

Yay for curly hair by MxDozanaArt  Angelic 01 by MxDozanaArt 

45 min to 2 hours: £7.75 to £28.80, or 772Points  to 2869Points

Bendy Pose by MxDozanaArt   Butsa Mercury by MxDozanaArt

1 to 6 hours: £10 to £66, or 996Points  to 6576Points

Feet On The Air And Head On The Ground by MxDozanaArt  Sailor Andromeda by MxDozanaArt Feet On The Air And Head On The Ground by MxDozanaArt

4 to 8 hours: £44 to £88, or 4384Points to 8768Points

Float by MxDozanaArt   Long Way Down by MxDozanaArt    

6 - 8 hours: £66 to £88, or 6576Points to 8768Points 

Sailor Andromeda by MxDozanaArt Cute by MxDozanaArt

4 - 8+ hours: £44 to £88+, or 4384Points to 8768+Points

Agraba - LLSensi by MxDozanaArt  Angry Chibi by MxDozanaArt  Stripes, sneakers, and a smile by MxDozanaArt  Firework Girl by MxDozanaArt  Writing by MxDozanaArt 

Several hours on a livestream, and worked on afterwards for better quality:

Bobtail by MxDozanaArt £88+ or 8768+Points

Days and days, although again, I would spend longer to get a good result and I wouldn't make so many mistakes this time:

Darting Eyes Animated GIF by MxDozanaArt £178 to £316.80, or 17,736Points  to 31,566Points  Cover by MxDozanaArt

Concept and / or silly: (A few hours, perhaps?)

Kick by MxDozanaArt £8.60 to £48, or 857Points  to 4783Points 

Next journal update will continue with mental meanderings and such.
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